2008 Franciacorta Extra Brut "Naturalis"

This Extra Brut Spumante is called “Naturalis” because of the minimal amount of added sugar used in the secondary fermentation in the bottle. It is the fruit of a meticulous selection of Chardonnay, Pinot Bianco, and Pinot Nero grapes and is made only in the best years (indicated on the label). The wine is vinified in stainless steel tanks, sees no malolactic, spends 40 months on the lees, and is only produced in top vintages. It receives just a minimal dose of sugar in the final stage of its creation.

“Naturalis” is perhaps the most refined and clearly expressive wine from La Valle with just 2.8-3.8 grams of residual sugar at the time of disgorgement. It is a wine of strong character that is exquisitely fresh, incisive, and pure. The lasting impression is that of minerality and balance.

Franciacorta Extra Brut makes a great aperitivo, but it also pairs well with clean and simple culinary flavors. “Naturalis” enlivens a briny platter of chilled oysters, pasta with zucchini and lemon, or simple grilled langoustines. Very dry, avoid pairing it with sweet dishes.

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La Valle



La Valle - Lombardy

La Valle Winery

FROM: Italy > Lombardy

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Estate Owned by: The Pezzola Family | Winemakers: Jean-Pierre Valade | Hectares Under Vine: 6 | Estate Founded: 1990 | Annual Production: 52,000 Bottles | Viticulture Method: Conventional

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Points of Distinction

  • One of the most cutting-edge and forward thinking winery in Franciacorta
  • La Valle is a modern winery on very old soil (185 million years)

La Valle is an idiosyncratic and leading Franciacorta estate founded in 1990 by Eugenio and Giulia Pezzola. The winery is led by their enthusiastic nephew, Stefano Camilucci, who has evolved the winery into one of the most cutting-edge and forward thinking in Franciacorta. La Valle takes its name from a small valley that was carved out by glaciers 185 million years ago that left behind morainic, fossil-rich soils that experts believe are the oldest in Franciacorta. La Valle is a modern winery on very old soil with the singular goal of expressing their unique and venerable terroir. 

La Valle Terroir

Franciacorta lies in an Alpine valley that extends southwards from the Dolomites foothills to Lake Iseo in Italy’s Lombardia region. Glaciers formed the lake and the hills that make up the Franciacorta area, leaving behind morainic soils over limestone bedrock. In Rodengo Saiano, where the vineyards of La Valle are located, the glaciers cut even deeper, revealing older soils that contain a high concentration of fossils. Chardonnay, Pinot Nero, and Pinot Bianco enjoy these ideal conditions resulting in some of the most structured and mineral intense wines in the zone.

La Valle Winemaking

At the core of Stefano Camilucci’s philosophy is the harvesting of fully ripe grapes while minimally intervening in the cellar. This is a departure from what is commonly practiced with other sparkling wines, where grapes are harvested at lower levels of alcohol and later chaptalized. Stefano contends that with fully ripe grapes and zero malolactic, he has all the flavor and structure he needs without the use of barrels, chaptalization and high dosage. “With low dosage (typically under 4 g/l of sugar) and extended time on the lees, my wines are not stucchevole [cloying]," says Stefano, "but express acidity with sapidity."


Additional Info

Additional Info


Franciacorta DOCG


Italy > Lombardy > Rodengo Saiano (BS)


Chardonnay 75%, Pinot Nero 20%, Pinot Bianco 5%




La Valle


Stefano Camillucci, Jean-Pierre Valade


Sparkling White Wine, Dry, 12.5%

Best to drink

Enjoyable now and for another 2 years

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