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About Us

DirecttoConsumerWine.com enables consumers with a passion for wine to connect with and purchase directly from some of Italy’s best estates.

Each partner winery offers on this Web site the wines it selects at the frequency it chooses allowing customers like you to buy wine directly from them.
Wines are generally priced at “retail,” though often discounts on the wine or shipping may be offered by the winery as incentives.

We enable Consumers to:

  • buy wine at direct-from-winery prices (You pay the same price as if you bought directly from the producer and save yourself the trip!)
  • gain access to a wide database of offers
  • specify which geographical area they want to source from
  • find the producers, varietals and prices that appeal to them
  • know how much stock is available at any time
  • communicate with suppliers, buying samples and purchase online

We enable Wineries to:

  • post their offers or inventory
  • specify which markets they want to sell to
  • connect with the targeted consumers they want to reach
  • keep a real-time account of the stock they offer
  • communicate with buyers, receive purchase orders and requests

DirecttoConsumerWine.com is an online venue dedicated to meeting the sales and purchasing needs of both Wine Producers and Consumers, on an efficient, simple, low-cost online marketplace.

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