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Torre Fornello - Ziano Piacentino (PC)

Loc. Fornello
I -
29010 Ziano Piacentino,  PC,  Italy

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Estate Owned by: Enrico Sgorbati | Winemaker: (…) | Agronomist: (…) | Viticulture Method: Organic | Extension: 60 hectares | Estate Founded: 1998 | Winery Production Total: 200.000 Btls.

In 1998 Enrico established the Torre Fornello estate, situated in the extreme western area of Emilia Romagna, in the district called Fornello (the name derives from some kilns built on the farm in the 13th century). Always attentive to experimentation and innovation, Enrico decided to devote special care to environmental sustainability and increasingly less invasive techniques. 

The grapes come from all the estate’s organically farmed vineyards: Barbera, Bonarda, Malvasia di Candia aromatica, Ortrugo, and international varieties like Marsanne, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Nero. 

The essential aspect for Enrico is land-rootedness: all his wines must fully reflect the Colli Piacentini terroir, without interference in the aromas or fragrance. All the wines are organically produced, four with official certification. The main sales channel is medium-high quality restaurants and wine shops in Italy and abroad.


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